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Very lovely review for Highway Man!
Morning ya'll! My very first Dreamspinner short story, "Highway Man" received 4.25 stars at ReviewsbyJesswave. Guest reviewer Kassa called it "A lovely and satisfying short story," and went on to say:

"I’m pretty open about my admiration and love of Eden Winters’ writing and dayum, that woman has done it again with Highway Man. Just a quick story, too quick in my opinion, that introduces some intense characters, a hint of possible love, painful pasts, and a cowboy future. Seriously I’m not sure what else the author could have included but altogether this delightful little story is wonderfully angsty, incredibly hot, and a delicious bite you won’t want to miss."

Read the full review here:


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I saw that and whoot for you! Kassa's hard to please.

Thanks. She is very thorough, isn't she? I've learned a lot from her reviews.

Excellent! I squeed for you when I read it. :D

Thanks! I'm thrilled. I was hoping someone might show that story some love.

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